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Preparing for a dance recital is not always an easy task! But Next Level Dance Company has it covered and can't wait to showcase the talent of our dancers in June at the Western Dubuque Auditorium. As our 2021-2022 season is coming to an end we want to share with you what we have been doing throughout the dance season to ensure success once our dancers hit the stage!

Each year, our kids spend 9 months in the studio preparing for a dance recital. We look forward to it all year! We take pride in how well-prepared students are for their big day. Their commitment to class every week, technique work, along with learning various skills in the classroom is just a few! In class, we make sure our students know what they are working towards, which makes recital day that much more rewarding. Check out our top three things we have been working on.

1. Skill Building

As teachers, we are ALWAYS thinking ahead! We use our time wisely by outlining the skills we’d like to accomplish with each class at the beginning of the year. Once January hits, we sneak those skills right into our recital dances! By working on those skills in the beginning of the season, we make sure that our dancers’ routines at recital are a reflection of everything they learned throughout the year!

2. Combo Dances

In class, we give our kids exercises with many different steps that are put together in a specific sequence known as "combo dances". Even when we are working on technique and skills, the dancers are asked to remember a sequence! Many times it is easier to just work on the skill by itself, but we make sure they are always using their minds. We often utilize the same exercises for a couple of weeks in a row to work their long-term memory as well! It’s all part of the plan to help them ROCK at recital!

3. Goal Setting / Confidence

Making sure our dancers feel recital ready is KEY! Not only do we practice confidence and facial expressions but we have our dancers set goals within themselves with what they want to accomplish by the end of the dance season. Seeing their progression and focus never gets old. Knowing that we have guided them, prepared them, and gave them the recital opportunity makes us proud teachers. BE CONFIDENT little ones, you always shine bright in our eyes.

Interested in coming to the show?

We would love to have you!

Tickets For Sale at Next Level Dance Company

Sunday May, 22nd @9:00-12:00

Sunday May 29th @9:00-12:00

Recital Day!

Sunday, June 5th @Western Dubuque Auditorium

302 5th Ave SW, Epworth, IA 52045

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We have an EXCITING week coming up at Next Level Dance Company that we can't wait to share! October 11th-14th we will be hosting our first Parent Observation Week of the dance season! Parents are welcome to attend the last 10 minutes of their dancers class. We offer these observation weeks multiple times throughout the dance year to celebrate our students success and milestones. Don't forget to RSVP on our Facebook event so you can receive reminder notifications!

With that being said, we want to share with you what this week is ALL about and why it is so very important to our company.

#1 Parent Involvement

Having the opportunity for our dance parents to be involved in our classroom setting is the BEST PART! Growing up, Miss Lexy always enjoyed when her grandma took her to dance class and stepped into the studio when dance was finished to watch. There is just something so special about sharing with the people who mean the most to you what you enjoy. Creating a special bond through that passion is everything. That is why these weeks exist at Next Level Dance. Without our wonderful dance parents Next Level wouldn't exist. Therefore, we want to show you how PROUD we are of your dancer. This is a small gesture to show you that we care about your child's success and sharing their hard work with you. We hope you enjoy this week as much as we do!

#2 Prepares Our Students For The End Of The Year Recital

Even though we are not working on our recital routines quite yet, we still have MANY things to show off! We are learning various dance combos, focusing highly on technique, and across the floor skills during class time. This event allows our dancers to experience a small performance setting to get them prepared and comfortable for our big show taking place in June! With your help, they will be ready in no time!

#3 Skill Progressions & Guidance

Celebrating and showing off our latest skill progressions is very rewarding for our dancers. Every dancer is unique in their own way. With that being said each student might have a different reaction to this day. Some might be filled with excitement, others might be nervous to show their presentation, so please expect some jitters! Some dancers may freeze up, others will be shy, and occasionally we even see some tears. Remember that your dancer is growing his or her independence and will benefit from this experience and become even more confident overtime. We are here with them every step of the way!

We hope to see you the last 10 minutes of class!

Please know Photos / Videos are allowed

Email us or shoot us a message with any questions.

Always happy to help!

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