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Growing up, owning a dance studio was always a dream of mine, however it always felt out of reach. After graduating college, I received a full time job working for a great company in a billing department. Even though I loved what I was doing, I felt like I needed more as I missed the dance environment. While driving through Peosta, IA one weekend afternoon I looked around at the rapid growth of the community and knew I had to give it a shot. I gave it some thought and by the next day I was in contact with the Peosta Community Center director seeing if I could hold some classes in their space on Monday nights. After a couple months at the community center I felt so fulfilled, and grateful for what I built over the last couple of months. I recognized the potential within the community and knew this was the place for me. I then decided I wanted to make my dream become even more of a reality. I quit my full time job and put my everything into the studio. That is when Next Level Dance Company opened its doors. I remember feeling sick, leaving my full time job thinking "what if this doesn't work out?" I was afraid of failing. But let's just say I AM SO PROUD I took a leap of faith. Now I get to work with dancers of all ages and build special bonds with them doing what I love most, TEACHING DANCE!


My grandma has always been my biggest supporter. I am so very grateful for that woman. Growing up, she drove me to and from dance. Dance was not only my hobby, but was hers. I cherish our dance memories and hope to provide other dancers with that bond with their family members. I will never forget the first day my mom signed me up for dance lessons. I couldn't contain my excitement. From the start I was hooked and couldn't get enough of the opportunities it provided me with. 


I not only want to teach students that enter my studio dance, I want to teach them life lessons that they will take with them in the future. Dance has so many pros to it other than learning choreography. It builds confidence and teaches you valuable life lessons. I am excited for what Next Level has instore and want to thank all of our Next Level Dance Parents for believing in me. 


Here are to many memories!


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